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This is the worst app ever. The passport scan upload can take up to 5 minutes, and, ladies and gentlemen, it will. And then it said there was an error. I have been trying to complete the whole procedure for over 2.5 hours now and I give up. I made it through 5 times to the very last step (hazardous goods) and then " unable to complete checkin" Iit's worse than Hotel California. I cannot checkin at all! So here we go, back to the Stone Age and wait in line with your small kids. Seriously?

What a crappy app. Scanning your passport takes forever - don't get a hint why? Kept moving forward, backward tilted left right... Sometimes takes a minute or longer until picture is taken - seemingly at a random moment. App crashed 4 times on me, took me 30 minutes all together - gave up frustrated! If this is the future of travel - I stay home.

Good app.

This app is great. One thing United could do, is show the flight in red when its cancelled.

United Continental the worst airline

The worst airline in the world. Planes delayed, cancelled and the worst assistance service.

Useful & up to date !!!

The concept is very good. Its really helpful when you travel a lot !!!


Mileage plus card In Wallet would be awesome

The best to fly!

The best Company to fly !!I love United .

No passbook integration

Passbook integatipn does not exist

Nice app!

Pros: easy to use, nice front end, fast app Cons: no way to store your mileage plus card in your passbook

Great stuff!

I have so much love for United. And their mobile app is the best Ive ever used. Very intuitive and sorts all my travel needs out for me. Keep it coming, United!

Add Passbook Mileageplus card

Would be wonderful if we could add the MileagePlus Card on Passbook app.

Great airline app

Wow your app is 100x better/faster/easier/more beautiful than the desktop site. While you have one of the worst big-airline desktop site, your app is amazing and among the best!

Dont have change flight option

The app is great! But dont have an option to change flight date.

Best airline app out there.

Makes the difference. Kudos

Very useful

Im glad managing my bookings with United bookings for this airline. The app is reliable and dont close unexpected and is one of the best of airlines.

I hate United

My bags lost!!!! Im Stay vacacion in Shangai no clothes my life Stay in my bags .... 3 days ago..... Nothing to do.... I hate United

Nice but.........

Why not make this app for iPad also.

Not working

Always stops working when i try to log in... Have newest ios and tried on iphone 4 and 5

Not usefull

The flight status page that is supposed to visually track the flight totally sucks.

Not Working

When trying to stream, it always says: "The entertainment system is currently unavailable. Please try again later."

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